Squat Stands

For decades we have known the squat as one of the most powerful movements to build overall lower body strength and intensity for any sport. However, such movement depends on a strong reliable squat stand. Raptor fitness supply's an extended array of squat stands that can help you reach the strength and conditioning necessary for your goals. Weather you are training for football, contact sports, baseball or long race, leg strength is essential. Below you will find a squat stand that will fit not only your physical necessities but also your budget, from our economy 2"X2" Raptor Series 2"X3" or our Rex Series 3"X3" all are made with high quality 11 gauge tubing, attached with 5/8 grade 5 hardware and the high quality demand that the American athlete is searching for. If you don't see what you are looking for please feel free to visit our Custom Quotes page and submit your ideas or requests.