Barbell And Bumper Set 160 lbs

Rizaho Tongyuan industrial and trading company

$ 479.99 

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Starting off has never been easier, if you are new to a strength and conditioning sport, amateur weight lifting, or just need a set of plates to workout at home, this is the best value deal for you. This package comes with the following items: 

(1) The Colorado Barbell 

The Colorado Barbell features a 195K tensile strength and finished with a black oxide finish and a polished chrome on the sleeves, this is also equipped with a couple bearings on each sleeve to make sure your bars spins smooth. 

(2) 160 lbs of our signature Raptor Scales Bumper Plate

includes (2) 10 lbs (2) 25 lbs and (2) 45lbs 

and for limited time only this package comes with a FREE pair of collars !!!