Bumper Stacker


$ 136.99 

Our durable, ship easy bumper stacker is the best made in Colorado. Unlike our local competitors, our stackers are made of 2x3 11 gauge steel which makes this the most durable bumper storage on the market. Our bumper stacker comes completely apart and assembles with 5/8 hardware. Our caster wheels are designed to be removable to ensure that they can easily be changed out if they wear down from years of use. Our wheels have a weight tolerance of 175 pounds each, making this stacker tolerate of 700 pounds of total weight.  

Product Includes:  

  • 2x3 11 gauge steel base 
  • Loadable pin 
  • Hardware  

Product Specs:  

  • 2x3 11 gauge steel base 
  • Loadable pin measuring 40" 
  • foot print 18"X18" 
  • Total height 46.25" 
  • Weight tolerance per wheel 175 pounds