Econ Olympic Platform Package

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The importance of having a clean and safe work space during olympic lifts is a crucial staple to run a clean safe facility. We have a created a package that will help keep your workout safe and all in a of 96X84" work space, with enough space to clean, snatch, deadlift, or even bench without moving your equipment out of its own space.

Look no further, we have designed a new way to make your Olympic lifts more comfortable as well as having a clean all in one workout space. Weather your practicing your Olympic lifts, to dead lifting against banded resistance, we got all features covered. The 84"X96" Raptor Oly Platform makes it comfortable to move from Oly to powerlifting training in one space. We decreased the size of the wood space to 36" to prevent from chipping and a steel plate add on to prevent your wood from bending in the future. All pieces are detachable so if you want this in your basement it will fit thru your stairway, attach and secure this to your ground with your wedge anchors to prevent from coming off the floor.

This products comes with:

Product Specifications: 

  • Platform utilized space  96X84" 

 Before assembling this platform will require 2 sheets of wood 48X84" under it for best performance and long durable bumper plates and barbells not all items in the picture are included with your purchase