Fully Racked Rex Rig


$ 2,128.00 

From our Rex Series, Raptor Fitness has created the most versatile version of all rigs with this Fully Racked Rex Rig. No matter if you are a CrossFit facility, a powerlifting facility, or a chain weight lifting facility, this rig will do it all. Banded work for all your movements, pull up bars in front of your squat and each power rack is united with a single bare steel bar for more space. This allows for pull ups, muscle ups, toes to bar, etc. The fully racked Rex rig is also designed to be centered in the middle of your space or against the wall. If going against the wall, equip your rig with our Rex Series Storage Pins  to hold your bumpers in order. If used in the middle floor, equip this machine with an extra pair of Rex Series J-Hooks The third pair of upright is best used as a third squat rack. Click the link to check out our Height Substitutions page for this rig. We have started this package with a minimum of 10' sections. For individual power racks check out our Rex Series Power Racks And Squat Stands. 

This rig is made with the following specifications: 

Product Specs:  

  • 3x3 11 gauge steel 
  • Hole pattern every 3" 
  • Benching Hole pattern every 1.5" 
  • 48" Single pull up bars sticking out from the rack 12" 
  • 72" Single pull up bars  
  • 72" Single pull up bars connectors 
  • Height 108" 
  • Width 78" 
  • Additional outer rack measuring 12" 
  • Length available in 10' or longer 

Due to space issues, and multiple color options this product is pre-manufactured and will ship in 15 to 20 business days