Olympic Weightlifting Barbell And Bumper Set 140 Kg

Rizaho Tongyuan industrial and trading company

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Weather you are outfitting a barbell club, setting up a Barbell Club in a CrossFit gym, or simply need a good set of Olympic style bumpers and a Elite barbell at home we have made it easy for you to click and purchase what you are looking for, this package comes with the following: 

(1) The Raptor Velocity Barbell

This barbell features a medium aggressive knurl ideal for training without tearing your hands but grippy enough to help you keep the barbell on your hands with no chances of slips or tears.

-The men's velocity barbell 20 Kg  Designed to meet the IWF standards this bar is equipped with a 28 mm dual knurl marks for both Power Lifting and Olympic weight lifting and a milder center knurl for those of you who enjoy a heavier back squat with a slight knurl for better attachment to the back.  This barbell is tested at 205K PSI American Made steel and fully machined in Denver Colorado with a good flexible steel to create a nice whip during your Olympic Lifts, and 5 needle bearings per sleeve will provide with a smooth spin of the sleeves.

-The Women's Velocity Barbell 15 Kg is a 25 mm women's bar designed for athlete who enjoys Olympic weight lifting, with the same knurl pattern as the Men's velocity minus the middle knurling, this bar is designed to meet the women's Olympic lifter needs

(1) Raptor Training 140 Kg Bumper Full Set

  • (2) 25 Kg Raptor Training Plates 
  • (2) 20 Kg Raptor Training Plates
  • (2) 15 Kg Raptor Training Plates
  • (2) 10 Kg Raptor Training Plates