Raptor Camber Bar

Raptor Fitness Supplier

$ 250.00 

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The Raptor Camber Bar has been designed for athletes that are looking to increase posterior chain strength. Allowing the weight to roll on your heals, the bar is farther in front of the midline, placing the emphasis on the hamstrings and the lower back obligating the athlete to push with the hamstrings and not the quads. This Bar will also allow your spine to stay as vertical as possible and training proper form to get max depth and explosiveness through a full range of motion. It's fully rackable so athletes can train with any of our Power Racks , Squat Stands, or Rigs. Training back squats with the Raptor Camber Bar will allow you to practice safety form and build confidence to properly squat under any bar.

Challenge yourself with any movement including Zercher Squats, Bench pressing will help you hit the weak targets, due the weight hanging down the side, will not allow the weight to stay static but unstable and moving thru the full range of motion. 


  • Weight: 85LB
  • 1.5" diameter formed solid steel shaft
  • Machined Olympic sleeves
  • Fully welded design