Raptor Elastic Bands Lizard Set

Rizaho Tongyuan industrial and trading company

$ 14.00 

For smaller applications, this will help you take off or add 15 pounds of resistance to any movement, Please see the chart of weight capacities and exact measurements below, this set comes with:

  • (1) #0 resistance band
  • (1) #1 resistance band

We also have them available to order individually here Raptor Pull Up Bands, or as part of a full set, Raptor Bands are the versatile, go-anywhere accessory for customized resistance training—from mobility work and pull-up assistance to banded squats and bench presses. There are (10) color-coded versions of the natural latex rubber stretch bands to choose from, each measuring 41” in length, but varying in width, thickness, and overall resistance. This makes each band more specialized for certain types of training.

Elastic bands for assisted pull ups, mobility work and or resistance against friction chart to know measurements and proximity resistance weight