Raptor Abdominal Mat Tail Bone Protection

Rizaho Tongyuan industrial and trading company

$ 8.99 $ 29.99

The Raptor Abdominal Mat will provide you with the fundamentals of core training. This accessory will help you flex your lower abdominal muscles and lengthen the abdominal muscles for a more effective sit up primarily targeting the lower core. This core accessory will also help you perform sit up more comfortably by preventing rug burn form high reps while reducing lower back strain.

Raptor Abdominal Mat features:

  • High density foam core
  • Non-slip durable PU textured vinyl cover
  • Thicker on one side, more sloped on the other follows the contours of your back
  • Medium firmness to accommodate most user
  • Foldable attachment to prevent rug burn from high repetitive movements. 

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