GHD Raptor Glute Ham Developer


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Welcome to our newest design and one of a kind Made in USA glute ham developer. We worked with many different brands, gathered their fabrication mistakes, and make a piece that will satisfy your needs in your garage gym or commercial facility. This product features the strongest Vinyl covers, and the most durable re-bond foam that will assure to never go flat like many of the imported pieces out there. The ease to switch from short to long with no effort is sure to get your classes moving quickly with no problems of settings changes. Just simply pull your spring loaded pin (available for replacement any time) and adjust back or forward in 1 inch increments. The hip pads are on a degree to be able to do GH rises with ease and has the availability of resting your knees and quads on the pads. This piece is designed to support any powerful athlete with no risk of tipping over unlike our competitors models you will not have to add weight on the feet to keep this GHD on the floor. This machine comes with holes built in if you desire to anchor this piece to the ground as well as a pair of welded on rigid casters. Did you have enough features yet?? If not, we have loaded this piece with a pair of resistance pegs to add resistance band to any exercise that can also be used as handles to move your machine with ease. Add this piece to your arsenal and never go back to the poor quality expensive designs of other fitness companies.

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