Raptor KG Change Plates


$ 25.00 

We know that in the weight lifting world athletes push the limits of their efforts, and every ounce counts. This is why we are bringing Colorado athletes our fractional plates. These plates will allow you to set PR's and push yourself to the very limit every single session. Our fractional plates are offered in six weight increments, from 0.5 Kg up to 5 Kg. Our plates PU rubber coating machined to 50.4 mm hole opening to fit any standard barbell and are fully coated including the hole so they will grip on the sleeve to prevent moment during a heavy lift. Their color coding matches the IWF standards and creates a uniform look when loaded. 

Weight size and increments:  

  • 0.5KG (White): 135mm diameter / 12.5mm thickness
  • 1.0KG (Green): 160mm / 15mm
  • 1.5KG (Yellow): 175mm / 18mm
  • 2.0KG (Blue): 190mm / 19mm
  • 2.5KG (Red): 210mm / 19mm
  • 5.0KG (White): 230mm / 26mm