Raptor Medball

10 Pounds Raptor Medball - 10 Pounds $ 40.00
14 Pounds Raptor Medball - 14 Pounds $ 45.00
20 Pounds Raptor Medball - 20 Pounds $ 50.00

Our new generation of medicine ball comes with huge dramatic upgrades and now its backed up with a 2 year warranty. With a double stitched design, strong textured PVC coated vinyl and best of all, fully assembled in Denver Colorado. The new material is carefully cut and reinforced nylon double stitched to perfection and filled with fine rubber chips from 100% recycled material, this will ensure that the NewGen medicine ball stays round indoors and outdoors in a huge variety of applications. 

This product features: 

  • Color Black
  • Weight Varies
  • Made in USA 
  • Diameter 14"

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