Raptor Pulling & Jerk Blocks Combo

Raptor Fitness Supplier

$ 100.00 

The construction of our metal jerk block is one of a kind in the entire fitness manufacturing industry.

We're not only in the business of manufacturing high quality, life long lasting fitness equipment but also in the business of seeing you succeed, that is why we have designed a hybrid pair of blocks that will serve your barbell club as a pair of pulling blocks and as a pair of jerk blocks. Making this an economically wise purchase. 

Only utilizing the highest USA made quality of materials these blocks are geared with the strongest 2.5X2.5" 8 gauge seamless steel and 11 gauge steel plate as a top, reinforced from the bottom to prevent bending without making it to heavy for its own transition between jerk blocks to pulling blocks.

The top of the blocks adjusts every 2" to any athletes needs and pins with a grade 5 195K PSI hitch pin to better adjust to athletes height. Once you are done pressing, its time to prepare for barbell pulling training, just simply take the top off and place on its adjustable legs and there you have a pair of pulling blocks. The pulling blocks utilize the same hitch mechanism and it also adjusts at every 2" to hit all your Olympic lifting positions. 

The life of your bumpers and barbells depends on where they are landing, the pair of blocks is also geared with a 3/4" rubber inserts, so you can be confident to drop your bumpers over a cushioned surface. "Rubber sales separately". 

This product comes with: 

  • (2) Jerk blocks frame
  • (2) Blocks
  • (8) Grade 5 hitch pins
  • (8) Adjustable legs for pulling movements

This product is made to order. This product will ship in 18 business days