Raptor Scales Bumper Plate 260 Lbs

Raptor Fitness Supplier

$ 495.00 

Our 260 Lbs Raptor Scales Bumper Plate comes with: 

  • (2) 45 Lbs Plates 
  • (2) 35 Lbs Plates
  • (2) 25 Lbs Plates 
  • (2) 15 Lbs Plates
  • (2) 10 Lbs plates

Our bumper packages come with shipping included to our qualified Green Zone areas, please check the map above for the shipping zone that belongs to you. 

The Raptor Scales Bumper Plates component makes our bumper construction a unique design that will make this the most durable bumper plate made from 100% recycled rubber and no other components added. Our re-vulcanized process allows us to finish this product with a glossy finish to help you increase aesthetics of your home gym or commercial facility. Please check below as we state in the description the proper use of the bumper to help you increase durability of your equipment.

Product Specs:

  • Measuring 17.7" in diameter and designed to be the heavy duty bumper. Only at Raptor Fitness Supplier.
  • Bumper Thickness Measurements
  • 55 pounds measuring 4"
  • 45 pounds measuring 3.75"
  • 35 pound measuring 3.12"
  • 25 pound measuring 2.25"
  • 15 pound measuring 1.87"
  • 10 pound measuring 1.37"

Proper Use:

 The 10 lb and 15 lb bumper plates are not designed to be dropped from above the hip unless coupled with larger (25 lb, 35 lb, 45 lb and 55 lb) bumper plates. Dropping a barbell loaded only with 10 lb or 15 lb bumper plates from above the hip (shoulder or overhead positions) will decrease durability of this product by 33%. Failure to follow proper use of these bumper plates will void warranty and decrease durability of this product. 

Product Warranty: 
The 10-lb and 15-lb The Raptor Scales Rubber Bumpers are covered under the Raptor 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 15 months from the time of purchase. The 25-lb through 55-lb rubber bumper plates are covered for 3 years from the time of purchase.


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