Raptor Series BT Power Rack


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Slightly bigger than our Full Rack 30, the full Rack 36” will allow more space inside the rack for those who like to lift heavy but also have a piece of mind that if failure comes you and your barbell will be spotted by the Raptor Safety bars.

Introducing the all new Made in USA Raptor Series Full Rack 36. With its foot print measuring only 48” X 36” and its Bolt together design you can install this anywhere from your home gym, garage or commercial facilities. We have made sure that this is capable to fit thru a variety of stairs leading to basements or hard to access facilities. Adding the bolt on feature ensured all pieces come apart for hassle free transportation and cost-effective shipping methods. This saves our customers time and money. The power rack also comes with a strong pair of safety bars that connect with our twist and lock design easy to move up and down and is secured with a 5/8 itch pin. Unlike our competitors, our safety arms are made of 2x3 11-gauge steel and come with UHMV inserts to protect your barbell knurling. Forget about those “Pipe Pins” spotter and upgrade your mind with our Raptor Fitness quality of racks. The top beam of this rack will allow to add an array of accessories only available at Raptor Fitness website, like our static 3” spheres for pull ups, our chained 2” spheres for chin ups that will help you keep your grip strength on point. Check out the Raptor Landmine and complete your home gym set. Check out the image below for more details on this amazing power rack only available at Raptor Fitness Supplier.

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