Universal Raptor Series Safety Bars (Pair)

Raptor Fitness supplier

$ 99.00 $ 120.00

Never feel unsafe during solo workouts with the Raptor Series Safety Bars at your side. Whether you are completing a bench press or deadlift, the Universal Raptor Safety bars will provide you safety assurance so that you can focus on the workouts. They are designed to fit into any holes on the Raptor Series creating versatile functions. 

This piece will be compatible with most rigs 2x3" steel 5/8 hardware

Product Specs: 

  • Measuring 24" 
  • Made of 2x3 11 gauge steel 
  • UHMV inserts to protect barbell knurling 
  • Twist and lock mechanism 
  • Safety hitch pins measuring 5/8 
  • Tested at 1200 pounds 
  • Black powder coated finish 
  • Comes in pairs 
  • Compatible with any rack with 5/8 hardware 2x3" steel