Raptor Skids


$ 375.00 


Forget about bolting your rig to the floor, with the Raptor Skids you will be cabable to create a mounting bracket made out of 1/2 steel plate with bolted on thread, your rig will easily mount outside, at the park or a fitness venue.The Raptor skids can be fully customized  to fit your needs, weather your want them for a huge outdoor rig or a home garage fitness, If you need a custom cut, Please Contact Us for precised measurements.

The skids are formatted starting in 10' spaces and going up by 4' Squat Rack section, or 6' Muscle up bar sections, if your rig has 12' posts a 12' post skid must be used and can only be placed on the ends of any rig. Please see chart below for details. (content coming soon)