Raptor 74" Half Rack With Storage


$ 560.00 
Available for pre-order

From the Raptor Series, this squat stand will have the power of a rack with the size difference to be able to fit anywhere you want it. Equipped with a top beam, double upright for storage, 6 Storage Pins, a pair of J-Hooksand a powerful mate powder coat. The hole spacing on this stand is every 3" and benching zone every 1.5" for accurate set up. This particular piece will be recommended for home gyms. Complete your set up with one of our Colorado Barbells and don't forget to check out our Bumpers collection. Take a look at our Raptor Series array of accessories and make this your best fit.  

Product Includes:  

Product Specs:  

  • 2X3 11 gauge steel 
  • footprint measuring 48"X48" 
  • Height measuring 75" 
  • hole spacing pattern every 3" 
  • Benching area hole spacing every 1.5" 
  • Measurement between front upright and storage upright 12" 
  • 6  Storage Pins for bumpers 18" 
  • 1 pair of Raptor J-hooks  plastic protected 
  • hardware is 5/8 also included

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