Raptor Stackable Plyo-Boxes

12" Box Raptor Stackable Plyo-Boxes - 12" Box - SingleBox $ 69.99
16" Box Raptor Stackable Plyo-Boxes - 16" Box - SingleBox $ 74.99
20" Box Raptor Stackable Plyo-Boxes - 20" Box - SingleBox $ 81.00
24" Box Raptor Stackable Plyo-Boxes - 24" Box - SingleBox $ 89.00
28" Box Raptor Stackable Plyo-Boxes - 28" Box - SingleBox $ 99.00
30" Box Raptor Stackable Plyo-Boxes - 30" Box - SingleBox $ 110.00
Full Set Boxes Raptor Stackable Plyo-Boxes - Full Set Boxes - SingleBoxSet $ 523.98


[Edit content and consult shop for propper measurments] Our Raptor Stackable boxes are designed for home spaces or smaller commercial spaces that would like to have a box of each size to perform stretches or different workouts or just simply challenge yourself to a different level each time, each box is designed to fit into each other so you will have 6 different height boxes in a 24"X24" foot print in your garage or commercial space. The stackable boxes are equipped with a Rubber surface that will allow you to grip properly during your box jumps or step ups. Unlike our competitors this box is designed with 1"X1" 11 gauge steel frame and the top is made with 11 gauge angle with a wooden surface inserted in to perfect fit and covered with a 1/4 thick rubber matting, you will not have any bolts showing on your surface like our competitors, but only good machined cut wood to perfectly fit snug into the angle top and tight and re-unforced with industrial Velcro to secure it even more. 

Product comes with:

  • Stackable set of boxes or sold individually

Product Specs: 

  • 1"X1" 11 gauge steel frame
  • 1"X1" 11 gauge angle steel top
  • 0.75" wooden surface insert
  • 0.25" rubber surface
  • Foot print measuring 24"X24"
  • Max height at 30"