Rope Anchor

Raptor Fitness supplier

$ 25.00 

The Raptor Rope Attachment Anchor mounts securely to any Raptor Series or Rex Series collection of rigs and racks, creating an instant work station for athletes training with battle ropes.

This anchor features a 3/8” thick steel mounting plate with one half of a half ring welded to it. The ring portion has a 1.25” diameter with a textured black powder coat finish, creating a stable hold during high-intensity rope slams, double waves, alternative waves, etc.

When installing your Rope Attachment Anchor, you can choose any custom height, and all mounting hardware is provided—including bolt assemblies for both the 2” and 3” faces of any upright. Once installed, the outside edge of the anchor will extend 5" from the face of the upright.

Important: Do not attempt to use this device to install any ropes for climbing. This device will not carry weight properly, failure to do so may result in injuries.