The basic Rex Rig


$ 1,615.00 


 Increase durability and stiffness of your rig with this Basic Edition of our Rex rigs, made of 3x3 11 gauge steel and following the pattern of our Raptor Series Rigs, but the difference of a stronger and better looking material, as well as different color availability, Please Contact Us to discuss color options available. Please visit our array of our Rex Series Accessories for your rigs, squat stands and power racks.  


Product Specs:  

  • 3x3 11 gauge steel 
  • Hole pattern every 3" 
  • Benching Hole pattern every 1.5" 
  • 48" Single pull up bars 
  • 72" Single pull up bars  
  • 72" Single pull up bars connectors 
  • Height 108" 
  • Width 66" 
  • Length available in 10' rig or longer 
  • Every 4' space comes with a pair of Rex Series J-Hooks

Due to space issues, and multiple color options this product is pre-manufactured and will ship in 15 to 20 business days