The Colorado Barbell Hard Chrome

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To increase durability of our world famous Colorado Barbell for humid like weather around the country we have designed this bar in multiple finishes, Check out our Colorado Barbell in hard chrome finish and increase the durability of your barbell. 

This barbell was inspired by our beautiful home state of Colorado and dedicated to the athletes that reside here and aptly named The Colorado Barbell. This bar is equipped with a dual knurling mark for both power lifting and Olympic lifting and optimally used for multi-sport purposes or functional training.

This barbell is designed for high volume, with a passive aggressive diamond knurling mark; you will not see any torn hands from this bar! Additionally, it is equipped with bronze bushings and two-needle bearing to create a smooth spin. 


    The life of your Raptor Fitness Barbells is based of the quality of the finish, Raptor Fitness offers all finishes available from the highest durable hard chrome finish, black zinc black oxide finish. Raptor is the leading provider of barbells in the nation exclusively made in Denver Colorado

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