The Raptor Velocity Barbell 20 Kg

Rizaho Tongyuan industrial and trading company

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Whether you are doing CrossFit-Style, Training on an Olympic platform, you name it, the elite velocity is stapled for its versatility and velocity of work. If you need to transition from Olympic lifting to CrossFit-style training, this barbell has both wide grip knurl mark and powerlifting knurl mark, not only designed for lifting, squatting is a huge part of its function. With a mild aggressive middle knurl in and passive aggressive diamond knurl, this barbell will allow you to squat heavy and lift heavy without tearing your hands. This barbell is equipped with a 5 needle bearings per sleeve, standard IWF 28 mm shaft and finished with a hard chrome coating to make this bar our most durable and most popular for the Olympic weightlifting athlete, its spin is the staple of why we call this the Raptor Velocity Barbell. 

This product features: 

  • 205,000 PSI american steel 
  • 10 Needle bearings for smooth spin 
  • 28 mm IWF standard shaft 
  • Hard chrome finish for supreme durability
  • Bronze bushing for precise fitting
  • Dual knurl mark and center knurl
  • Medium whip flexibility of steel
  • 3 year warranty

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