The Raptor Velocity Barbell 15 KG

Rizaho Tongyuan industrial and trading company

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We have created a barbell designed for female Olympic Weightlifting athletes, with its 25 MM Shaft, hard chrome finish, dual knurling marks and 5 bearing per sleeve this bar will meet all your needs. This barbell comes with a medium aggressive diamond knurl that will allow for high volume training without tearing your hands and enough flexibility of the steel to allow good whip during your lifts without deforming or bending. Look no further and meet our 15 Kg 25 mm shaft female barbells.

This barbell features: 

  • 205,000 PSI american steel 
  • 10 Needle bearings for smooth spin 
  • 25 mm IWF standard shaft 
  • Hard chrome finish for supreme durability
  • Bronze bushing for precise fitting
  • Dual knurl mark and no center knurl
  • Medium whip flexibility of steel
  • 3 year warranty

The life of your Raptor Fitness Barbells is based of the quality of the finish, Raptor Fitness offers all finishes available from the highest durable hard chrome finish, black zinc black oxide finish. Raptor is the leading provider of barbells in the nation exclusively made in Denver Colorado


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